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Towers High School

Dekalb County Schools

Organizations and Clubs

Towers High School Organizations/Clubs

The following organizations and clubs will be offered during the 2020-2021 School year. 

If you are looking for just sports, visit the ATHLETICS tab on the left or click the link below. 

***Below is a TENTATIVE outline of school organizations and are always subject to change. 

Contact Person:
Loren Simon

Contact Person:
Alphonso Counts

Art Club
Contact Person:
Sherrice Adams

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

Below are the Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) associated with each CTAE Pathway:

Chef Patria Bennet
Lt. Col. Ryan Calloway

Ms. Zenja Satllworth
Mr. Kenardo Leslie M.Ed.
Mr. Kenardo Leslie M.Ed.

Click the Link below to find out more about the CTSO Organizations.