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Towers High School

Dekalb County Schools

About Us



 THS Vision of Success:

The vision for success for Towers High School is for all students to be engaged in high levels of Tier I instruction in all content areas, read on grade level, and increase literacy skills. 


THS Mission:

Our purpose is to prepare Towers High School students for post-secondary education and responsible adulthood through a highly challenging curriculum and research-based standards.  



May we always boast
As we sing a toast
To maroon and white evermore.
We will forge ahead
And it will be said
Towers High moves on to score.
So let's do our part
With our hands and heart
And give our best a try.
We will always boost our Titans
With a hail to Towers High.


Towers Fight Song

Go ye Titans, give us a win Onward, you must never give in. We know that you'll do your best and we'll do the rest. Fight! Fight! Fight! Towers High, maroon and the white

More Information:

Towers C.A.R.E.S 

Collaboration, Accountability, Relationships, & Engagement for Success for all Students